We do Information Technology (IT) Implementation, Networking, Management, and Support.

Technology for everyday people doesn’t just happen. It takes a team of experts to get the job done right. To starting, we discuss the project’s scope with you and figure out what needs to happen. Then Seiyso gets to work!

Seiyso Technology Management

Technology Management

If you want to install or update your office, having someone manage the technology end could save you big money in the future. What you end up with is a working environment that is long-lasting with top-notch technology.

Seiyso Network Design

Network Design

Network design can make or break how your business runs. Putting it all together takes an expert who listens to your needs first and foremost. Then, the real design starts.

Seiyso Project Management

Project Management

Getting any project completed on time and correctly takes planning. Not everyone can get it done. Seiyso has overseen project management in many types of businesses and can manage your project as well.

Seiyso Customer Support

IT Support

No technology management, network design, nor project management is complete without support. Seiyso does supply support for all the work they do on-site and off-site. Even if someone else did the job, Seiyso could help trouble-shoot to find the answer.

our story

A Letter From Basilio

I want to welcome you to Seiyso Technologies personally.

For over 20 years, Information Technologies (IT) has been my passion.

Seiyso Technologies is an IT consulting firm based in Minneapolis that caters to small and mid-sized companies.

Seiyso Technologies’ goal is to provide the IT solutions you need to enhance your business. With thoughtful collaboration and stellar customer service, your business will run smoothly. With confidence, you can rely on the fact that Seiyso Technologies is only a phone call, email, or text away to solve your IT problems.

Seiyso Technologies is always striving to create long-term working relationships built on mutual trust and respect. This trust creates a winning business environment for you.

Seiyso Technologies is your first step toward a technically healthy business.


Basilio Diaz

Now, technically, your business is running smoothly!